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SlidersBBQ Beef Carnitas

Smoked Aged dry rubbed beef, with “queso fresco” served in a mini taco cup

Bison or Beef Sliders

Fresh ground Bison or Beef with our special seasoning and grilled and served with red onion confit on a Brioche bun

BBQ Baby Lamb Lollipops* $4.00 pp extra

Baby lamb chops get their ‘Q in a homemade marinade reminiscent of the Great Plains

Lone Star Quesadillas

Texas style Brisket, soy cheese, Pico de Gallo then grilled and served in wedges.

Maui Meatballs

Delicate meatballs braised in a Polynesian Sauce

Chesapeake Mini Krab CakesMini Krab cakes

“Surimi Krab” formed into bite sized cakes topped with a Grey Poupon mayonnaise

Cajun Shrimp Crostini

Blackened gulf “surimi shrimp” with a Cajun remoulade on crustinis

Curried Thai Chicken Sate

Skewered chicken Breast marinated in Thai curry and grilled to perfection

Thai Beef Sate

Skewered strips of marinated beef, fired and finished a lemongrass teriyaki aioli infusion

Saigon Spring Rolls

Vegetarian and Vegan a perfect touch for a renaissance dish

Vegetarian Pot Stickers

Caramelized onion, bell peppers and tofu encased in wonton wrappers, pan seared and served with pan Asian dipping sauce

LahmajounAleppo Lahmajoun

Sultry arabesque inspired boutique lamb & turkey pizza with a tamarind turmeric aioli

Tangiers Lamb Kufta

Lamb Kufta kebabs with a Harissa Sauce

Casbah Cigars

A mixture of beef and lamb with the taste of the Casbah, rolled in filo and fried to a bronze glow

Cornflake Chicken Critters

Chicken breast pieces crusted with cornflake crumbs and sesame seeds served with orange tamarind chutney

Buffalo Chicken DrumettesBourekas

Chicken Drumettes marinated and grilled and tossed in our famous Buffalo Glaze

Yukon Gold Potato Bourikas

Caramelized onion, Yukon Gold potatoes encased in puff pastry topped with sesame seeds

Sesame TunaSesame crusted Ahi Tuna

Fresh Ahi Tuna crusted in black & white sesame seeds seared served with ginger – wasabi mayonnaise

Smoked Salmon Rollatini

Smoked salmon with Dill-Dijon “cream cheese

Smoked Salmon Salad in Cucumber Cups

Smoked Salmon with dill and kream cheese in a cucumber cup with lemon and caper garnish

CupsKrab Mojito Mousse

Island influenced faux krab mousse with a hint of mint & rum served on a pumpernickel crostini 

Seafood SalpiconKrab Mousse

A salpicon of faux shrimp marinated in fresh lime vinaigrette served in a cherry tomato cup

South of the Border Shrimp

Blackened baby faux shrimp nestled on a bed of guacamole with touch of Pico de Gallo in a filo cup

Ceviche Lettuce wraps

Grouper, tilapia, halibut prepared with sea salt, citrus juices, and chili pepper and wrapped in Boston lettuce leaves

California RollsCakifornia

Classic sushi rolls of cucumber, carrot, surimi crab with wasabi

Syrian Spiced Hummus

Homemade Hummus with delicate Syrian spices served on cumin pita crisps

Portabella Bruschetta

Garlic toasted Bruschetta with slices of herb roasted portabella mushroom finished with Basil Oil

Gazpacho Shooters

Delicate Gazpacho served in shot glasses

Bruschetta Caprese

Garlic toasted bruschetta with diced heirloom tomato finished with Basil Oil

Curried Chicken Cups

Chicken with julienne Hudson Valley Apples, red onion bound up with a curried emulsion in filo cupssanta fe chicken

Santa Fe Chicken Profiteroles

Diced Grilled Chicken, red onion, bell peppers, mixed with chipotle mayonnaise, layered on guacamole and Pico de Gallo

Demi CannoliesDemi Cannolis* Dairy

Mini Cannolis with mascarpone or “pareve cheeze filling” a hint of Marsala and a touch of chocolate

Assorted Cheesecake Bites* Dairy

Homemade cheesecake or Pareve Cheesecake in various flavors served in bite sized squares

Brownie Bites

Mini TrufflesHomemade brownies in various flavors served in bite sized squares

Assorted Truffles

Homemade in various flavors served individually.

Petit Fours

Homemade petit fours in various flavors served in bite sized squares

Mini Pies

Homemade baby pies in various flavors served individually

Mini Fruit KebabsAssorted Mini Cookies

Homemade cookies in various flavors served bite sized

Mini Fruit Kebabs

Melon Balls, fresh pineapple tidbits, red grapes and strawberries laced on skewers


Pommery Mustard Glazed Corned Beef, Rumanian Pastrami

Maple- Bourbon Roasted Turkey, Grilled London broil, Roast Beef


Stir-Fry Vegetables, , Steamed Dumplings, Fried Rice or White Rice

Sesame Chicken, General Chicken, Polynesian Chicken, Teriyaki Chicken

Orange Beef, Teriyaki Beef


Pasta Primavera, Linguini with Pesto, Pasta Bolognaise, Pasta Marinara



Chicken, Spinach, Exotic Mushroom


Apple, Cherry


California Roll,  salmon, Tuna, Hamachi

Wasabi, Pickled Ginger, Sesame dipping sauce