What does Seder Mean to you


 B'sederLet us turn your Seder into B’seder !

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So here is what’s on OUR menu:

This is an actual menu for a client so you may order similar items (subject to availability)

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Dinner for 8

Sorry absolutely NO substitutions


Gefilte Fish              8 portions Gefilte Fish w/ Homemade Chrayn

                               Soup Course

2 Quarts of  Chicken Soup w/ 8 Matzah Balls

Main Course

2 Whole Chickens cut -up any style


Herb Roast Chicken2 ¾ Lbs. Sliced Brisket any style with gravyTraditional Brisket

Choose 2 Starches Sides

Potato Kugel (9″ Round Aluminum Pan)

Sweet Farfel Kugel (9″ Round Aluminum Pan)

Salt & Pepper Farfel Kugel (9″ Round Aluminum Pan)

Cranberry Apple Kugel (9″ Round Aluminum Pan)

Red PotatoesOven Roasted Red Potatoes (9″ Round Aluminum Pan)Tzimmes

Rôti de Patates Douces (9″ Round Aluminum Pan)

Candied Sweet Potatoes (9″ Round Aluminum Pan)

Choose 2 Vegetable Sides

Glazed Carrots (8″ Round Aluminum Pan)

Heimishe Carrot Tzimmes (8″ Round Aluminum Pan)

Vegetable Souffle  (8″ Round Aluminum Pan)

Ratatouille (8″ Round Aluminum Pan)

Oblique Vegetable Medley (8″ Round Aluminum Pan)


 Passover Dessert

Chicken Dinner for $199.99

Brisket Dinner for $224.99



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